Flattening the Inaccessibility Curve

The Flatten Inaccessibility survey investigated the experiences of adults who are blind or have low vision during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey covered areas of healthcare, transportation, employment, education, social experiences, access to meals, food, supplies, and voting. Read our preliminary results to find out what 1,921 U.S. adults had to say.

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We're Sharing Our Findings in Many Ways

The impacts of COVID-19 pandemic including the fast-moving changes resulting from social distancing, local closures of businesses and schools, and the shift of education and employment to online environments has led to concerns about the impact on individuals who are blind or who have low vision. Major organizations and companies involved in the blindness community are collaborating in an effort to obtain data and information from the community. By collecting this information, we hope to illuminate issues, understand barriers affecting individuals as a result, and in turn focus on solutions needed for this unprecedented period of history.

This website and effort is the result of collaboration among the following organizations who serve the community of people who are blind or have low vision.